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When you suspect foundation problems what are the signs to look for?

If you have any of the above problems, no matter what the age of your home, is could be a sign of a much larger problem.

What are some of the causes of foundation problems?

Some of the causes of foundation problems can include an inferior foundation construction, plumbing issues or other leaks, roots pushing in on the foundation, inadequate drainage, poor soil quality along with excessive drought or rain conditions. If part of the soil under your foundation was not properly and consistently compacted before the foundation was poured, it could cause that section of the home to sink leading to serious foundation problems.

Will the drought affect my foundation?

Most definitely. Homes in the Kansas City area have expansive clay. When there is no moisture it shrinks and can cause foundation settlement.

Will I be able to sell my house or commercial property if it has foundation problems?

Foundation problems must be up to the buyer banks are hesitant to loan money on homes with structural damage to deal with the foundation issues. If the buyer will need financing to buy your property your foundation will need to be repaired prior to the sale. Make sure you ask any repair team you are considering, if they offer a transferable warranty for the new owner if the house or business is sold.

Are certain times of the year better than others to fix foundation problems?

The best time to fix a foundation problem is as soon as you find it. If left for a time, a foundation problem could get worse, which means more time and more money for repair. You might also see the damage move from the exterior into the interior of your home.

How do I know I am hiring a company that I can trust to fix my foundation?

Ask about their guarantee. We offer a 25 year completely transferable warranty. This means if you sell your home, the new owner will be covered. Make sure you ask any foundation repair company you are considering if they offer a warranty and if its transferable.

Does standing water in my yard cause a foundation problem?

Drainage problems are the number one cause of foundation problems. We specialize in drainage improvements, including water proofing, french drains, surface drains, swails, gutters downspout extensions, and sump pump pits.

What are the warning signs of a cracked foundation?

Here is a simple check list of signs to look for so you can make a preliminary assessment. If you have any of these signs don’t panic, Pankey Foundation Repair will provide you with a free estimate.

Interior Warning Signs:

Exterior Warning Signs:

Basement Warning Signs:

What does foundation drainage mean?

Foundation drainage refers to any system designed to divert or direct water away from a foundation. Some of these drainage systems are installed outside the edge of foundations as well as systems that are installed under foundations.

Why is foundation drainage so important?

Foundation drainage is important because too much water can cause soils to be expansive creating hydrostatic pressure, and foundations can push in. Too much water, and expansive soils will cause floor heaving. Good foundation drainage helps to keep excess water away from a foundation and prevent problems.

Do I need foundation drainage?

If you have standing water an hour after a rain stops that is standing water within 10 feet of your foundation then the answer is YES.